Why Choose Us?

We are the soap fundis who have been doing this for quite some time now, 2006 to be exact, with all our ducks in a row in regards to running a successful and conscientious chemical manufacturing concern.  We are up to date with all our certifications including the NCCA and have an accountable track record with regards to our products, the raw materials we use and the service we provide. When you support Lynx Chemicals you are also supporting an SMME who in turn supports 25 families.  We are situated in the heart of Joburg (ALEX) and have a massive presence with our surrounding community.  We are here for the long run and value our employees, clients, community, environment and country.

At Troepieland we need things to be really hygienic and the Lynx cleaning products always exceed our expectations

Toy van Schalkwyk
School Principal

About Us

Chantille Stahnke

Store Owner

LYNX CHEMICALS has been in the cleaning industry since 1988. We started as a small distribution business which evolved into a dynamic manufacturing company and has been successfully manufacturing cleaning detergents, polishes and powders since 2006. Today we are a very well established manufacturer in the Cleaning Industry and a viable competitor in the market. Our customers range from wholesalers to distributors to corporate companies and institutions as well as small SMME's. We do bulk supplying to governmental institutions and offer contract manufacturing with personalized labeling to resellers. Our main focus is manufacturing high quality, innovative & cost effective cleaning chemicals. We have adapted and evolved into a complete cleaning solution, selling cleaning equipment, consumables and machines. Toilet paper and paper products as well as hygiene products and dispensers.


Our large green building can be seen from London Rd


29 Brighton Rd, Bramley View, Johannesburg